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Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction is the least expensive game improvement tool available on the market. Golf instruction can be individual instructions, group lessons, or video analysis. It does not matter if you are a beginner, once a week player, or an avid player. Golf lessons will increase your knowledge and understanding of the game and the golf swing. Teaching programs we offer can be customized to fit your needs, schedule and comfort level. I would describe our teaching philosophy as keeping things very simple and related to golf swing fundamentals. Not a lot of technical terms will be used. We will explain the cause and effect relationships of your swing. You are likely to be more interested in understanding why your ball goes where it goes. Once we have identified the causes we’ll formulate a plan to make improvements. We also take great pride in being able to adapt to all age levels and physical limitations our students possess. Playing pain free and better will make the game more enjoyable.

All of our golf instruction is designed to accomplish your goals. For a listing of Golf Instruction rates please refer to the rate card.

Junior Golf Private Lessons are only necessary when Juniors are serious about improvement, are in competitions, and are trying to meet specific goals.

As part of any lesson program we think it is very important to initiate a practice schedule. We have yearly range memberships and individual basket prices for practice balls. Please refer to the rate card for prices.

To schedule an appointment for a golf lesson or if you need more information call the clubhouse at 260-563-8663. We are able to give lessons at any mutually agreeable time. When taking lessons you should allow an hour for the lesson.

Get Ready Golf Programs

For information regarding “Get Ready Golf Programs” please visit the website, click here.



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